Magic With a Message

Pickpocket Gene’s unique presentation will educate and entertain you on identity theft prevention and pickpocket safety.

For more than 30 years, Gene Turner has thrilled, mesmerized and thoroughly entertained audiences with his speaking,
training and infotainment using his unique blend of magic, humor, and outrageous pickpocket exploits.

Based in Kansas City, Missouri and available all across the USA.

Keynote Speaker Testimonial Video

Whether you need a speaker to deliver a dynamic keynote address
or a conference presenter that can grab and hold an audience’s attention, then
Gene Turner is the ideal choice.
As a speaker, Gene will bring a new level of entertainment to your seminar,
conference or meeting. Gene can customize his proven presentations to create an unforgettable program. Gene’s presentation topics include
identity theft risk reduction, workplace security & travel safety.

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Whether you are hosting a large event or having a small private gathering,
Gene can entertain and make the event memorable.
Gene can offer an up-close and personal performance or
entertain the entire audience with his stand-up performance.

According to the FBI, thieves can now steal personal information and use another person’s identity to commit numerous forms of fraud, and identity theft affects 350,000 to 500,000 victims annually. The crime of identity theft can occur in many ways. Identity thieves scavenge through garbage, steal and redirect mail, use database internal access, and surf the Internet for personal information.

Pickpockets are often affably trained in their techniques because many have years of experience and an excellent understanding of human behavior. Pickpockets tend to strike in large, common areas where many people regularly congregate, such as transportation facilities like bus terminals and railroad stations.

Over many years, Gene Turner has accrued vast knowledge of the methods used by identity thieves and pickpockets to prey upon the public. Gene uses this knowledge, as a keynote speaker and entertainer, to give you the understanding you need to reduce your risk of becoming a victim of these notorious criminals. Whether you are organizing a training seminar for your employees or you want a unique entertainer for an event, Gene Turner, aka PickPocket Gene is here for you!

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