On Stage and Up Close

Pickpocket Gene has thrilled, shocked and thoroughly entertained audiences with his unique blend of magic, humor and outrageous pickpocket exploits as a full-time professional since 1985. Pickpocket Gene’s ability to connect with an audience makes him a wonderful entertainer and speaker. Whether he’s performing his nationally acclaimed stand-up comedy pickpocket act or presenting his customized “Magic with a Message” as a keynote speaker, Gene will steal the show (as well a few watches) to the delight of all!

Full Entertainment Package

Pickpocket Gene will entertain your guests with up-close magic during your social time (up to 60 minutes) and will perform up to a 90 minute stand-up act. In addition, He can also present a comedic and/or serious pickpocket demonstration with tips for pickpocket prevention, travel safety and identity theft protection during or after his Stand-up performance.

1. Up-close Performance

Up-close magic is sometimes described as “strolling”, “walk around” or “table-to-table” magic. It is often utilized during a social time, reception or hospitality suite. Your guests are encouraged to watch closely as he entertains with his impressive sleight-of-hand. Pickpocket Gene’s original material will surprise and delight, while his comedy and antics will keep your guests laughing.

2. Stand-up Performance

Pickpocket Gene will present a 20 to 90 minute mix of comedy, magic and pickpocket entertainment. Filled with clean humor, audience participation and amazing tricks, his show will keep the audience guessing. Tips on security, travel safety, pickpocket prevention, and reducing your risk of becoming a victim can also be included.

3. Pickpocket Demonstration and Challenge

Using audience volunteers, Pickpocket Gene will remove personal items illustrating how quickly a professional pickpocket can distract and collect valuables. While the volunteers are unaware of the items disappearing, the audience is not. This results in some hilarious moments as the flabbergasted “victims” realize that even forewarned they couldn’t catch “America’s Friendliest Pickpocket” in action! At the end of the demonstration, Pickpocket Gene delivers tips to inform the audience about how they can protect themselves from pickpockets and thieves.


Pickpocket Gene’s magical comedy routines are proven successes. He customizes each performance, adapting to the situation and audience. He can provide the full entertainment package or customize a package to fit your needs. Whether you need comedic entertainment or “magic with a message” given in a memorable fashion, Pickpocket Gene will deliver an outstanding performance!

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