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Starting in 1985 as a full-time speaker & entertainer, Gene found success with comedy, magic, and pickpocket demonstrations. He soon added his “Magic with a Message” as a keynote speaker. His background gives him a unique perspective on Identity theft, Travel Safety, and Pickpocket prevention, as well as Business and Personal Security & Safety Awareness. Turner_022 He demonstrates how easily thieves steal wallets/purses, badges, passports, and your online identity to gain access to your valuables as well as sensitive corporate information and trade secrets. He explains that often you don’t know you’re a victim until it’s too late.

Gene is a recognized authority on physical and logical security threats and solutions. He is a very highly respected speaker and provides informative presentations making it easy to remember key points and take preventative action. Gene is certified by the Institute for Consumer Financial Education (ICFE) as a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist (CITRMS). He is a published author, regularly invited TV guest, and keynote speaker at corporate, government, professional association conferences and security events including Secureworld KC, Oz Sec, ISACA, ISSA, (ISC)², SecKC, InfraGard, and Women in Security.

Pickpocket Gene Turner’s connection with the audience helps to make him an excellent speaker and entertainer. His ability to infuse humor and sleight-of-hand skills into a keynote, training, or seminar keeps audiences focused and attentive the entire time. Ben Franklin said, “Tell me, and I forget, teach me, and I may remember, involve me, and I learn.”

Pickpocket Gene can adapt the ratio of message and humor to your needs. He has the knowledge to provide content-heavy presentations if you prefer more serious subject matter. Suppose your event calls for the lighter side. In that case, Pickpocket Gene can give an entertaining performance with a targeted message interwoven into his presentation in a way that attendees will learn and remember. He provides personal insights and solutions to many relevant, underthe-radar threats that many people are unaware of today. He can also answer questions as a panelist at your event.

Topics you may include are identity theft, travel safety and pickpocket prevention, business & personal security and safety, and risk management/reduction. Due to Gene’s vast knowledge of these topics, he has also prepared training and seminars to share more detailed information. Customized keynotes focus on three to five main ideas you may want to highlight for your attendees. Pickpocket Gene provides an outline with a breakdown of topics for your customized presentation. He will partner with you to ensure he covers your attendees’ specific areas of need. Pickpocket Gene’s philosophy: be prepared, plan, be highly flexible, and always professional.

Safety & security solutions revolve around risk reduction and early detection. Clients appreciate his actionable steps that help them reduce their risks in the following three areas:

1) Unimplemented Solutions:
There are security measures that clients should implement. But, for whatever reason, the steps aren’t initiated or completed.

2) New unknown vulnerabilities and threats can make your attendees victims.

3) Misinformation:
There is a lot of misinformation out there. People think they are taking the best steps to reduce their risk, but in essence, they increase their risk by implementing the wrong solutions.

Keynote Presentation (30 to 90 minutes)

1. “Identity Theft Revealed” – Pickpocket Gene Turner is a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist (CITRMS). This certification comes from the Institute for Consumer Financial Education. He has extensively researched this topic, authoring magazine and newspaper articles and a CD titled “Identity Theft Revealed.” This presentation examines the five major areas of identity theft: financial, medical, criminal, Social Security, and Department of Motor Vehicles. Pickpocket Gene exposes the latest deceptions that identity thieves employ (37 and counting) and provides solutions to protect yourselves and your businesses. His presentation contains facts, examples, demonstrations, audience interaction, anecdotes, and humor.

2. Travel Safety and Pickpocket Prevention – This presentation is usually comprised of travel safety (80%), pickpocket prevention (15%), and identity theft (5%). The keynote is designed to help increase awareness of personal safety in public areas and teach ways to reduce the risk of becoming a victim. Three areas of concern are public transportation (airports, rental cars, bus and train stations, and subways), hotel safety, and tourist scams.

Using audience volunteers, Gene will quickly remove personal items illustrating how fast a professional pickpocket can distract and collect valuables without the traveler’s knowledge. While the volunteers are unaware of the things disappearing, the audience is not; resulting in some hilarious moments as the flabbergasted victims realize that even though they knew what he was going to do, they couldn’t catch Pickpocket Gene in action! At the end of the demonstration, Pickpocket Gene shares his tips to inform the audience how they can protect themselves from pickpockets and identity thieves.

3. Safety & Security Awareness in your Business & Personal Life – This presentation provides security and safety tips in the workplace. Pickpocket Gene focuses on physical and Cybersecurity to keep your information and assets safe. He demonstrates how easily thieves can steal wallets/purses, badges, passports, and your Online identity to gain access to your valuables as well as sensitive corporate information and trade secrets. He shares how to protect computers (cameras, passwords, emails, links, Internet, phishing, spear phishing), media devices (CD, DVD, thumb drives, SD cards, cell phones), and social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, websites, cloning, payment apps) and the workplace environment (eavesdropping, shoulder surfing, tailgating, personal security). This presentation can be interwoven with other topics or stand on its own. Humor and fun are interjected throughout this keynote.

Training and Seminars (Half Day to Full Day)

Pickpocket Gene has created dynamic training on the three topics above. He provides an in-depth look at the problem’s and solutions to help reduce the risk of becoming a victim. He can divide these modules into six one-hour sessions. Workbooks, handouts, and testing of the participants’ understanding of the materials can also be provided. Let Pickpocket Gene know which modules you want him to include.

Customized Keynote Presentation (30 to 90 minutes)

Pickpocket Gene will present a keynote with a customized message. His customized keynotes focus on three to five critical issues built into his presentation. This is done in a manner that the audience will remember and appreciate. Pickpocket Gene will spend the time weaving your message into his presentation, and he will illustrate that message using magic, comedy, and other demonstrations.

Entertainment Options

Take advantage of Pickpocket Gene’s other talents by having him provide Up-Close Magic, a Stand-up Act, Pickpocket Demo & Challenge, or a combination of these for your entire event! Ask for Gene’s Entertainment Information Sheet.

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