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Identity Theft Revealed

Gene’s background gives him a unique perspective on Identity theft, Travel Safety, and Pickpocket prevention, as well as Business and Personal Security & Safety Awareness. He demonstrates how easily thieves steal wallets/purses, badges, passports, and your online identity to gain access to your valuables as well as sensitive corporate information and trade secrets. He explains that often you don’t know you’re a victim until it’s too late.
Gene is a recognized authority on physical and logical security threats and solutions. As a professional pickpocket entertainer since 1985, he is a very highly respected speaker and provides informative presentations making it easy to remember key points and take preventative action.

Gene is certified by the Institute for Consumer Financial Education (ICFE) as a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist (CITRMS).

He is a published author, regularly invited TV guest, and keynote speaker at corporate, government, professional association conferences and security events including Secureworld KC, Oz Sec, ISACA, ISSA, (ISC)², SecKC, InfraGard, and Women in Security.
During his career, Gene has had many wonderful experiences.

He entertained singer-songwriter and actress, Bette Midler at her birthday party. Also, traveling to Canada, to serve as the technical advisor for pickpocket scenes in the motion picture, Bulletproof Monk.

His ability to connect with audiences has made him one of the most highly respected in his profession.

Identity Theft Specialist

Thoroughly researching the latest trends in identity theftMay 2003 Pictures 049 and personal safety, Gene Turner is an Identity Theft (IDT) specialist rather than an expert. That’s because most “experts” know one area of identity theft very well, while Gene takes a bigger view by examining five areas where identity theft flourishes:
  •  ☆ Department of Motor Vehicles
  •  ☆ Social Security
  •  ☆ Criminal
  •  ☆ Medical
  •  ☆ Financial
Gene’s broader approach goes beyond financial identity theft and helps you understand why protecting your identity is important regardless of your credit standing.

35 Ways to Steal Your Personal Information

Gene Turner knows the tricks thieves use to get at your personal information. During his seminars, he exposes the latest deceptions that thieves employ as well as the old favorites that still work. And he shares steps that you can take to help protect your identity.

Taking Back Your Identity

Most identity theft victims don’t realize that they are victims until it’s too late. Gene Turner tells what you need to do when you are a victim. Who do you notify first? How do you stop it? How can you protect yourself in the future? Gene outlines the process of how to restore your identity and protect yourself from future attacks.

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